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  Miniflex Beer Chiller  
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Length mm
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  • Brewery approved
  • Compact design
  • Achieves dispense tap temperatures as low as 2ºC
  • Simplex Model - for outlets with a refrigerated keg room
  • Duplex Model - for outlets without a refrigerated keg room
  • Facility for dispense tap cooling
  • Single or Dual refrigeration circuits
  • Two pumps incorporating a 'flip-flop' module for alternate pump operation
  • Additional under counter cooling not required.
  • Removable cassette holder allows product coils to be exchanged with ease
  • Built in alarm displays the temperature status of the water bath and incorporates an audible warning system
  • Manufactured from high quality materials and components to guarantee long term reliability
  • Fitted with a stand-by water pump
Special Features
  • Combi Pump (Pat. No. 200390236) is exclusive to Kilkenny Cooling Systems Ltd.
  • The Water distribution manifold incorporates a facility for dispense tap cooling
  • A 'flip-flop' module is fitted in the control panel allowing each pump to alternate cooling duty. This prevents the stand-by pump ceasing due to inactivity.
Control Panel
  • Built to IP65 electrical specification
  • Fitted with Residual Current Device (R.C.D.)
  • Mini Circuit Breakers (M.C.B.s) and Earth Leakage Circuit Breakers (E.L.C.B.s) are fitted for each electrical component
  • Thermometer
  • Ice thermostat with differential
  • Display shows temperature status and has an in-built alarm system
Water Bath
  • 304 grade stainless steel water bath
  • Completely sealed to prevent the ingress of moisture or beer
  • Insulated with 40mm of polyurethane foam providing structural stability
Copper Evaporator
  • Refrigeration quality copper is suitable for R404a and R134a refrigerants
  • The evaporator is filled with a holding charge of dry nitrogen
Alarm System

Bar mounted alarm unit displays water bath temperature and incorporates an audible warning system

Combi Pump
  • Exclusive to Kilkenny Draught Beer Chillers, the Combi Pump incorporates water jet agitation
  • Centrally mounted to ensure the most effective mixing of the water bath
  • 2 year no quibble guarantee
Product Coils
  • AISI 316 stainless steel
  • 9.5mm O.D., 0.6mm wall thickness
  • No welded joints
  • All product coils are clearly marked and colour coded.

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