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Mirror Stainless Satin Stainless
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How it works?
COOLit secondary cooling is achieved by creating a hollow chamber [17] from two concentric chambers which are located at the location of the beer tap. This chamber includes a water supply inlet [16] and outlet [15] which can be connected to the main water supply. The inner diameter of the cooling chamber is threaded so that a conventional beer tap [23] can be threaded into the chamber. As the chilled water circulates the chamber, thermal conduction ensures that the temperature of the beer tap is maintained at the temperature of the water supply line. This ensures that beer temperature is maintained whilst creating an aesthetically pleasing condensation which is evident on the outer surface of the unit.
  Cooling Taps  
Feature Benefit Incentive
Patented cooling collar to chill Beer Tap Ensures every pint of beer is poured at the same temperature Totally eliminates high waste beer Helps to inhibit bacterial growth in tap Guarantees cold beer Increases bar owner profit Improves draught beer quality
Controlled cooling Ensures that a controlled film of condensation is visible at the beer tap location Enhance the drinker’s sensory experience
Stainless steel construction Guarantees long life Product longevity reducing replacement costs
PVD Plasma coated No-tarnish finish No polishing required
Elegant Functional design Aesthetically superior design Timeless form and function constructed to age with bar
Tailor made client design A unique high quality product Differentiates from competitors
Modular manufacturing JIT delivery promise We can deliver customized range within Europe within 7 days!

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